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FUMA 2004

The 3rd annual international expert seminar FORUM URBES MEDII AEVI was held on April 14-16, 2004 at the Office of the Government Representation in Property Affairs, 15 Tolstého Street in Jihlava. The seminar was organized by the company Archaia Brno o. p. s. in the cooperation with the Museum of the Vysočina Region in Jihlava under the patronage of the mayor at the Statutory City of Jihlava, Ing. Vratislav Výborný. The main topic of the third seminar was the problem of high medieval (12th – 14th century) masonry burgher architecture in Central Europe.

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Papers presented:

Dana Novotná: Possible appearance of the oldest stone house in Jihlava

Petr Hejhal – Petr Hrubý - David Zimola: Source base for the study of medieval masonry houses in the Jihlava region – archaeological excavations of burgher houses and plots

Petr Holub – David Merta – Jaroslav Sadílek: Early masonry burgher houses in Jihlava

Antonín Kudrnáč: Medieval burgher architecture in Telč

Václav Kolařík – David Merta – Marek Peška:How looked a burgher house in Brno around 1300

David Merta – Marek Peška - Rudolf Procházka: Results and perspectives of the project “Burgher house of medieval Brno”

Branislav Lesák - Ivan Staník: Results of rescue archaeological excavations at the historical town reserve of Bratislava, plot Ventúrska Street No. 11-13 in relation to the knowledge of medieval masonry architecture in Bratislava

Miloš Gregor - Peter Uhlík: Mineralogical characteristic of building material from the object Ventúrska 11-13, Bratislava

Viktor Ferus - Peter Baxa: Burgher house in Bratislava in the second half of the 13th century

Ivan Staník: Burgher house with neck entrance from the 13th century in the Hlavná Street, Trnava

Frank Löbbecke: Stone profane building of the High Middle Ages in southwest German and north Swiss towns

Paul Mitchell: Early stone houses in Vienna

Doris Schön:Burgher housing architecture in Vienna in the 13th and 14th centuries

Stefan Scholz: Spiritual and worldly corporations of the medieval Hainburg region and the matter of cultural heritage builders with special regard to sacral buildings of the 13th century and the building activity in the period of Přemysl Otakar II

Károly Magyar: Houses to be built – Houses to be destroyed - The Changing Scenes of the City Illustrated by Cases of Medieval Buda

Zoltán Kárpáti:Mediaeval houses, plots and town-planning around the St Sigismund Church of Buda

Eszter Kovács: Results of the Recent Archeological Researches of a Mediaeval House of Buda – 14. Táncsics M. Street

András Végh: Medieval stone cellars in the suburb of Buda (today Watertown)

Jaroslava Žuffová – M. Kazimír: On a type of medieval house with passage and with a built-at-once street wing

Radek Bláha, Jan Frolík, Jiří Sigl: Early masonry burgher architecture in Hradec Králové and Chrudim

Petr Kočár - Radek Široký: House No. 288 in Plzeň (Pilsen). On early burgher houses with hall disposition.

Karel Nováček: Early masonry burgher buildings in west Bohemian towns

Kateřina Hanzlíková – Vojtěch Kašpar: Town of stone in 18 months? The oldest stone buildings of the Prague New Town.

Petr Juřina: Discovery of a Romanesque stone house at the Prague New Town, the area of former military barracks in the Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square) – preliminary report.

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