Since the Brno department was founded in 1997, we are trying to convey the results of our research activity to the amateur public, namely in form of lectures, exhibitions, presentations on the Internet and current reports in daily newspapers. If possible, we also perform open houses at some currently investigated sites or we furnish the long-time excavations with signs. For a long time already we cooperate in form of topical lectures with the Jiří Mahen Library in Brno, Museum and Local History Society in Brno, Museum of the Vysočina Region in Jihlava and the Association of the Deaf in Brno at the Brno University of Technology.

We actively collaborate in selected museum expositions of the Brno City Museum (Měnín Gate, Špilberk Castle), and the Museum of the Vysočina Region in Jihlava. Some smaller expositions we even realize by ourselves (e. g. exhibitions in the Minter’s cellar for the Brno City Municipality). Together with the collective of workers from another organisations we are taking part in making of an Internet historical Encyclopaedia of the Brno City.

We are open towards every activity with schoolchildren being glad to acquaint them with our work through guided tours to the excavation sites and meetings with archaeologists. In this direction we cooperate for example with the archaeological circle within the framework of the Lužánky Leisure Centre.

Important is also a systematic cooperation with students of secondary schools and universities, namely the Vocational School of Arts & Crafts in Brno and the Department of Archaeology and Museology of the Masaryk University.

Its own place among our activities has also an annual cooperation with the Technical Museum in Brno in historical iron melting on the occasion of the Museum Day.

In the future we aim to publish a popular educational book about the medieval Brno.

Fotografie z archeologických výzkumů v Brně ve sklepení mincmistrů na Dominikánské náměstí (23.12. 2002)

Muzeum brněnského podzemí (Orlí 3)


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